Television will change more in the NEXT FIVE YEARS than in the last 50.

-Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO

AfterBuzz Media Group is a dynamic network that enhances the viewing experience and propels audiences and communities to watch longer, engage more actively and share content with their social networks.



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The destination for TV superfans, producing after-shows for your favorite TV series such as Game of Thrones, Real Housewives series, WWE programs and 400 more.

Black Hollywood

The world’s first online news & talk network with programming and content dedicated to African American entertainment.

Book Circle

Devoted to the discussion of books and conducting author interviews.


Dedicated exclusively to movie discussions including breaking celebrity interviews, news and movie commentary.



Keven Undergaro is the creator of the online broadcast juggernaut, AfterBuzz TV and a TV, movie and Howard Stern addict from South Medford, MA.


In his normal or “civilian” life as he puts it, Keven grew up working class: a bored C student who never studied and lived a life that centered upon consuming comics, radio, TV, video games and movies. But there were signs of hope. He traded sleep, and any chance at friends or popularity, making a few bad super hero films and sewing a perfect replica of Adam West’s 1966 Batman costume. He also re-designed the family El Camino into his personal Batmobile and made multiple, random and odd, in- costume, public “Bat” appearances including scaling a 50 foot roof in college and making 3 citizen arrests.

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Graduating from Saint Anselm College, drinking 5 nights a week, Keven decided to face facts. Clearly he was not meant to practice law or work in finance. To the disappointment of his family, he opted to apply his “creativity” to the world he admired most: Hollywood. But what’s a middle class history major with a B minus average and no industry connections or film education to do? Become a carnival worker, of course! He worked summers on the east coast as a ‘carnie’ and winters in Los Angeles as a television writer.   The former required working 7 days a week, 20 hours a day, sleeping under trucks and engaging in the most brutal of manual labor. Drinking as often as he could, he put his body through hell, living the Pirate’s life. The money financed his alternating winter months working with the likes of Chris Hardwick, Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra as Head Writer of MTV’s Singled Out. Summer months were spent on the road peddling fried dough and cotton candy with the likes of junkies, ex-cons, mobsters and side show freaks: characters answering to such names as Homeless Joe, Big Daddy Crackpipe and Lobster Boy aka the infamed Grady Stiles. After MTV, he opted to make an independent film. The film was a life changing debacle that left him bankrupt, homeless and out of Hollywood. However, on that film, he worked with a 19 year old, Maria Menounos. Believing deeply in her talents, he committed to Maria’s life and career from that day forward.


Believing Maria deserved better than a Pirate, Keven opted to embrace the Samurai life. At last, he took his life, his talents and the business serious. He cut various life toxins and distractions and spent over a decade as a shut-in in “self imposed exile.” From his home office joined by his beloved rescue animals, he researched and trained endlessly in all aspects of the industry and beyond. Today, he is the proud architect of Maria’s diversified brand that has touched TV, film, print and radio in a variety of ground breaking roles from actress to author to journalist to entertainment reporter to pro wrestler to digital entrepreneur. Keven’s later films have played such festivals as Tribeca and South by Southwest and have achieved national theatrical release though AMC theaters. He’s written 2 New York Times Best Sellers and quarterbacks Maria’s EveryGirl brand.

Keven created the fore mentioned AfterBuzz TV, the world’s largest online broadcast network that produces TV after-shows. In his long exile, Keven noticed the vast internet discussion activity surrounding the TV series, Lost. Other than message boards there was no platform for deep, in depth discussion. And unlike sporting events, there was no ‘post-game wrap up show’ for fans. Thus, Keven envisioned AfterBuzz TV an online broadcast network dedicated to after-shows for favorite TV shows. Ever the Samurai, Keven not only came up with the concept, he also erected the network from scratch, personally constructing the studios and developing previously non-existent technology. In 2015, ABTV had its second consecutive year with 1 billion downloads. The network has a roster of over 200 hosts, produces over 100 hours of weekly original programming and has hosts on every major red carpet in Hollywood. ABTV is the go-to for show runners and TV stars whom are interviewed, in studio, weekly for various shows. AfterBuzz hosts are observed closely by show runners on story points and fan reaction and are often consulted, in additon.

Since then Keven has created other digital entities including Black Hollywood Live, the first urban online broadcast network. Oprah recently anointed the network as “the next big thing in Hollywood.” Under President of Programming, Derrial Christon, BHL has various weekly series in the areas of pop culture, entertainment news, lifestyle, fashion, politics, legal issues and sports. There are also intimate long-form interviews and BHL has a presence on every major red carpet. Keven more recently created Popcorn Talk. The Popcorn Talk Network is home for movie discussion and has 16 programs on roster covering a wide range of subjects. PTN had over 10 million downloads in its first year.

Along with providing outstanding content, the collective networks carry a greater mission to aid, educate, groom and empower aspiring hosts and artists. Keven, and other industry professionals, host various career seminars at the AfterBuzz studios and Keven is deeply involved in shepherding and mentoring hosts in all aspects of their lives and careers.  It’s literally his deepest and truest passion. To that point, AfterBuzz has helped launch the careers of former hosts, Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls), Kat Bailess (Hit the Floor), Jackie Miranne (Big Morning Buzz), Stephanie Bauer (Access Hollywood), Cathey Kelly (WWE Network, Same Roberts’ Show) Mari Fagel (E News), Suri Serano (ESPN), Deidre Behar (Entertainment Tonight), AJ Gibson (Hollywood Today), Eboni K. Williams (Fox News), Derrial Christon (BET), Chloe West (Moviefone), Matt Lieberman (SourceFed), Roxy Striar (Screen Junkies), Krisily Kennedy (The Movie Chickk), Alex Wehrley (E! News), Lauren LoGrasso (SiriusXM), Ashley Daniels (Leading Periscope Host) and countless others.

Keven co-created and serves as Executive Producer along with Maria and Julianne Hough for ABC’s America’s Dance Battle and has several more TV shows in the pipeline. On the film front, he directed the indy comedy Adventures of Serial Buddies and recently produced the critically acclaimed Netflix hit, This Isn’t Funny as well as the powerful documentaries the Elders and Losing Lebron.

Keven is the Executive Producer of SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria, heard daily on SirusXM Stars, channel 109.   He also Executive Produces NCM’s First Look cinema pre-show, seen in 70% of America’s theaters. His most recent project is creating and hosting The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, an overnight talk series for nocturnals, dreamers, escapists – angry loners, the socially inept and those with Peter Pan Syndrome – featuring a celebrity boyfriend’s mid-life crisis, celeb interviews and millenials in Star Trek costumes. Will The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro inspire other mid-lifers and youth alike? Or merely entertain them as they watch one man’s final spiral into madness and self destruction. The good news is all they need is a smartphone or access to the web to tune in and find out.

In addition, Keven career consults for celebrities, dreamers and lay people alike: all of which he proudly does for free or 10% good karma as he says. Along with TV, movies, podcasts, and radio, he enjoys working in pet rescue and home renovations. Yet, for all his accomplishments, other than Maria, Keven’s greatest personal achievement remains in his multiple appearances with Maria on the Howard Stern Show. And Samurai or not, he could very well trade that and his soul for just one night out with the cast of the Jersey Shore.


As a journalist, E! News Host and Emmy Award Winner, Maria Menounos, holds the distinct honor of having conducted the only interview with the entire Obama family. The interview was touted by ABC News as one of the defining moments leading to Obama’s victory. Maria’s achievements have thus far set industry milestones. Her groundbreaking conversational style of reporting led her, at the age of 22, to become the youngest person ever to host “Entertainment Tonight.” She would go on to do the same for the “Today” show and “Nightly News.”  She has held sit down interviews with every US President since George Bush.  She has also traveled the globe, covering everything from the war in Afghanistan to earthquakes in El Salvador to the AIDS crisis in South Africa.  But the milestones don’t end there. Maria is the first person in the history of Hollywood to report for network news and star in a wide-release feature film.

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As an actress, on the big screen, she starred in the romantic comedy “Kickin It Old Skool” opposite Jamie Kennedy, and played herself in the Ben Stiller comedy “Tropic Thunder.” She also appeared in the 20th Century Fox sci-fi/action movie “Fantastic Four.” Her small-screen acting endeavors include guest roles on CBS’ “Without a Trace,” NBC’s “Scrubs” and HBO’s “Entourage” as well as a recurring role on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.” While at “Entertainment Tonight,” Maria hosted “ET on MTV” and “ET on VH-1,” both of which soared to number-one weekend ratings on their respective networks. At NBC, Maria was a correspondent for “Nightly News,” “Today,” “Access Hollywood,” and “Dateline.” She was also the longest running international spokesperson and face of Pantene hair care products.

As a filmmaker, Maria has directed and produced several independent films, which have played most of the major film festivals from Tribeca to South-by-Southwest. She attended Boston’s Emerson College, where she double-majored in broadcast journalism and film. At Emerson, she became the first freshman in the school’s 125-year history to garner the prestigious EVVY award for Best Newscaster. After her junior year, Maria became an international correspondent for Channel One News.

Her coverage of the AIDS virus in South Africa inspired her to dedicate herself to charity work and to create the non-profit, Take Action Hollywood! (TAH!). TAH! is a charity whose mission is to utilize the power of the entertainment industry and the production medium to educate, empower and raise social awareness. As a Diabetes Awareness Ambassador for the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Maria has spoken on Capitol Hill and is working with lobbyists on improving treatment for the disease, worldwide. She is also the Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics and works closely with the LA Children’s hospital hosting her annual “Day Of Beauty” event for patients and their families for the last 8 years.

As an digital producer and entrepreneur, Maria, along with partner Keven Undergaro, co-founded AfterBuzz TV, the largest online broadcast network that produces over 300 TV ‘after-shows’ for favorite TV shows, is comprised of over 250 hosts, features daily celebrity guests and broadcasts weekly to over 20 million people from over 100 countries.  In addition, along with Undergaro, she co-founded Popcorn Talk, a movie discussion network that reaches 2 million.  Per Maria, the collective networks carry a mission to aid and empower aspiring hosts and journalists.  Maria and Keven host various career seminars at their AfterBuzz studios and are deeply involved in shepherding and mentoring hosts.  To that point, AfterBuzz has helped launch the careers of former hosts, Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls), Kat Bailess (Hit the Floor), Jackie Miranne (Big Morning Buzz), Stephanie Bauer (Access Hollywood), Suri Serano (ESPN), Deidre Behar (Entertainment Tonight), AJ Gibson (Hollywood Today), Eboni K. Williams (CBS), Derrial Christon (BET), Chloe West (Moviefone), Cathy Kelley (Celebified), Matt Lieberman (SourceFed), Roxy Striar (Screen Junkies), Krisily Kennedy (The Movie Chickk), Alex Wehrley (E! News), Lauren LogGasso (SiriusXM), Ashley Daniels (Leading Periscope Host)  and countless others.

In addition to being a champion of talent, Maria is particularly passionate about helping fellow women young and old.  She also loves animals, is avid in pet rescuer and works with several organizations in that regard.

Though her career has been groundbreaking and will no doubt be emulated by many to come, Maria’s career remains in relative infancy with much room left to blossom. A girl who did not speak English until the first grade and one who worked as a janitor cleaning Boston nightclubs throughout her adolescence, Maria is proof that you can come from humble beginnings and succeed. She is proof that you can do it all. Most importantly, she is proof that you can remain true to yourself and humble and still care deeply for others.


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